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SmartLipo™ Center of Florida

Aqualipo® Surgery Day

What Can I Expect?

For the vast majority of patients (90%), Dr. Bassin recommends performing the Aqualipo® procedure as a straight local procedure, in which the patient is entirely awake.  In certain cases, Dr. Bassin may find it necessary to recommend an anti-anxiety and pain pill based on perceived comfort level. 
Before the procedure starts, the skin will be marked and photos will be taken. A small injection of Novocain will be placed on the skin, and a 1.5 millimeter hole (the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen) will be placed for access to the fat layer.  Dr. Bassin will infuse tumescent anesthetic (numbing fluid) into the fat.  This numbing fluid is formulated with salt water or IV fluid, with the addition of Novocain and ephenephrine.  Most patients describe this as a “weird” sensation because the fat has no nerve endings. 

Once the area has been numbed, Dr. Bassin will then aspirate, or suction, unwanted fat cells using the Body Jet®. The Body Jet® uses the power of water to dislodge and remove unwanted fat cells from the body. Patients are welcome to bring a family member into the procedure area for comfort.  Once the procedure is concluded, Dr. Bassin asks the patient to stand up so that both he and the patient can review the results and correct any asymmetries that may be readily apparent.  After that, patients are discharged to go home within fifteen minutes. 

How do I get started with Aqualipo®? 

If you would like to schedule a private consultation to discuss Aqualipo® at the Body by Bassin SmartLipo™ & Aqualipo® Center of Florida, simply request an  appointment online or call one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida office at 321-255-0025, Orlando, Florida office at 407-851-3888, Tampa, Florida at 813-872-7800, or The Villages, Florida office at 877-333-3223


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