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What is Body-Jet®?

The Body-jet® is a revolutionary liposuction aspiration unit that has completely revolutionized the fat removal process. By using a high-powered water jet to flush out intact fat cells, this novel approach results in a gentler liposuction treatment performed on patients without the need for general anesthesia.  Recovery is minimal, trauma to nerves and blood vessels is virtually eliminated, and the septal attachments between the deeper structures and the skin are preserved, which aids in a more naturally tightened and contoured result. The most exciting aspect of the Body-jet® is the ability to remove viable, intact fat cells, which can be immediately used for fat transfer and fat injection. The recovery of fat from liposuction patients has, until now, been a laborious process, involving centrifuges and prolonged time to ‘process’ the fat before use for fat injections.
The Body-jet®, which can be described as a power washer for the fat, uses a high-powered fluid jet to navigate through the internal tissue, a process which until now, required manual force from the surgeon. The jet’s action also limits the trauma to the non-involved areas (skin, muscle, septal attachments), which until now, have always suffered trauma due to the manual force requirements of the traditional style cannulas. This process allows the surgeon to use approximately 10% of the energy typically required for fat removal, which is much gentler and less traumatic for the patient. This will invariably lead to a greatly reduced recovery time and an almost non-existent complication level.

Liposuction is typically a two-step process. The first step is the infiltration, or numbing, in which tumescent solution, or numbing fluid, is delivered into the fat pocket where treatment is to be performed. The second step is the fat removal portion of the procedure.  It is this second step where the Body-jet® will find its place.

Older liposuction techniques are commonly known to the lay public through popular media exposure, and exhibit the aggressive back and forth motion required by the surgeon to obtain complete fat removal. The Body-jet® allows the suction cannula to freely move within the fat compartment without causing trauma to the fat or any of the surrounding structures. This is accomplished by the high-powered jet stream that flushes out the fat cells after they have been loosened up by the water stream. The water stream also allows the cannula to advance through the entire fat compartment by gently separating the tissue without traumatizing it. The surgeon’s motion is similar to that of gently playing the violin and is much less taxing and fatiguing in comparison to the previously stated techniques.

With the Aqualipo® procedure, Dr. Bassin is the able to offer patients better liposuction results with a shorter recovery period and dramatically less bruising and swelling.

How do I get started with Body-Jet®

If you would like to schedule a private consultation to discuss Aqualipo® at the Body by Bassin SmartLipo™ & Aqualipo® Center of Florida, simply request an  appointment online or call one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida office at 321-255-0025, Orlando, Florida office at 407-851-3888, Tampa, Florida at 813-872-7800, or The Villages, Florida office at 877-333-3223


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