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SmartLipo™ Center of Florida

What is SmartLipo™ ?

Liposuction is and will continue to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. Women and men are bothered by fatty deposits, also known as “trouble spots”, that do not respond to diet and exercise. Prior to the invention of this revolutionary SmartLipo™  fat melting system, patients desiring liposuction could only accomplish fat removal through a very aggressive treatment, requiring general anesthesia and weeks of down time. Dr. Bassin views these older, more antiquated liposuction techniques as a “procedure of the past”, as SmartLipo™ can now deliver superior results without the need of general anesthesia or down time. Dr. Bassin’s patients literally drive themselves to and from the office, returning to work the following day. Find out how SmartLipo® can make a difference in your life.

How does Smartlipo Work?

SmartLipo™ uses a carefully calibrated laser to literally melt fat away.  A very small cannula (tube) containing a laser fiber is inserted through a tiny incision in the patient’s skin.  Because the cannula is so small, the incision won’t require stitches and a local anesthetic can be used.  The cannula is moved back and forth, delivering energy to targeted fat cells.  The laser heats and ruptures the fat cell membranes, liquefying the fat.  The fat is then gently removed through the cannula.   During the procedure, the heat from the laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately, sealing the blood vessels as it attacks the fat, so that there is less bleeding, bruising and swelling.  What’s more, the energy from the laser promotes tissue tightening in surrounding areas, resulting in tighter, smoother skin immediately and continued improvement over the next several months.   For most patients, the session will last from 30-45 minutes for each area treated.  Typically, patients only require one treatment. 

What is the SmartLipo™ Laser?

A nationally recognized leader in SmartLipo™ laser technology, Dr. Bassin uses the most advanced and powerful SmartLipo™ laser system.  Dr. Bassin is the first physician in central Florida and one of the only doctors in Melbourne and Orlando with the SmartLipo™ MPX 32 watt laser system, an FDA-approved Nd: YAG laser with high peak power and a high rep rate of 40 Hz.  The MPX now combines two wave lengths, a 1064 and 1320, for a maximum combination of 32 watts.  This newer laser delivers twice the energy of any previous laser, thus providing superior skin tightening and fat melting, for a faster recovery and better results.

What can be treated by SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is ideal for treating any areas of localized fat deposits. The most common areas treated include the chin/neck, arms, male breasts, bra-bulge, abdomen, love handles (muffin top), outer thighs (saddle bags), inner thighs and knees.

How do I get started with SmartLipo™? 

If you would like to schedule a private consultation to discuss SmartLipo™ at the Body by Bassin SmartLipo™/Aqualipo® Center of Florida, simply request an  appointment online or call one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida office at 321-255-0025, Orlando, Florida office at 407-851-3888, Tampa, Florida at 813-872-7800, or The Villages, Florida office at 877-333-3223


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