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NaturalFill® Hand Rejuvenation

Dr. Roger Bassin, who pioneered the revolutionary Aqualipo® system for removing unwanted fat, now introduces NaturalFill®, a ground-breaking new approach for smoothing lines and wrinkles, plumping hollowed areas, and restoring youthfulness. Your natural fat will help restore the plumpness of youthful hands, while disguising many of the signs of aging.


What is NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™?
The hands are one of the first places on the body that show the signs of aging. The skin loses its tone and elasticity and the fatty tissues on the back of the hands diminish, causing veins and tendons on the hands to look more prominent with age. Now, patients have the option of reversing the signs of aging on their hands by using NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™. NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ uses your own fat cells to restore youthful fullness to your hands, making them look years younger.

How does NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ work?
NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ uses the latest advances in water-jet assisted liposuction and fat transfer techniques. Using water-jet assisted liposuction, your doctor will gently remove fat cells from donor parts of the body. This innovative process is gentle enough to keep fat cells intact and viable during the removal process so they are ready for immediate transfer. During NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™, you doctor will carefully inject your harvested fat cells into to your hands to restore their youthful tone and firmness, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and prominent veins and tendons.

What can I expect during the NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ procedure?
NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ is performed as an outpatient procedure. The NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ procedure begins with the Aqualipo® procedure, which is generally performed under local anesthesia. Using the innovative Aqualipo® procedure, your doctor will gently remove a small amount of fat from another part of your body. In most cases, this will be from either the abdomen or hip area. This fat harvesting process is so gentle that the fat cells remain intact and viable during the removal process. Once the fat cells have been successfully harvested, your doctor will re-inject them into your hands during the NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ procedure.

What are the benefits of NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™?
NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ provides patients with long-lasting, natural-looking results. NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ also:

  • Makes hands look years younger
  • Minimizes the appearance of veins and tendons
  • Restores fatty tissues on the back of the hands
  • Does not use synthetic or artificial fillers
  • Requires minimal downtime
  • Does not require general anesthesia

How does NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ differ from other injectable dermal fillers?
Unlike other dermal fillers, NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ restores fullness to your hands with a process that is completely natural. In addition to greatly reducing the risk of infection and complications, this leads to more natural-looking results than synthetic cosmetic injectables and collagen fillers. The results of NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ are permanent, where other fillers require frequent maintenance visits – generally as often as every 6 to 9 months.

Find out how you can look your best with Dr. Bassin’s innovative NaturalFill® process. 

How do I get started with NaturalFill®?

If you would like to schedule a private consultation to discuss Naturalfill® at the Body by Bassin SmartLipo™ & Aqualipo® Center of Florida, simply request a NaturalFill® appointment online or call one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida office at 321-255-0025, Orlando, Florida office at 407-851-3888, Tampa, Florida at 813-872-7800, or The Villages, Florida office at 877-333-3223



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