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Aqualipo® vs. Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. Now, patients are getting even better results with less discomfort and much quicker recovery with Aqualipo®.  Dr. Bassin believes that Aqualipo® represents advancements in every aspect over older, more antiquated liposuction techniques.  See the Aqualipo® difference for yourself:

  • Aqualipo® is minimally invasive, with virtually no scarring and no stitches required. 
  • Aqualipo® minimizes bleeding, bruising and swelling.  In traditional liposuction, a large cannula is aggressively moved through the treatment area, and the fat is vigorously suctioned from the body.  The trauma to the surrounding tissue results in significant swelling and bruising, leading to a more difficult recovery.  Aqualipo® uses the Body Jet®’s gentle fat removal technique, which minimizes trauma to surrounding areas for a gentler treatment.
  • Aqualipo® results in significantly less downtime.  With Aqualipo®, patients literally drive themselves to and from Dr. Bassin’s office, and can return to work as soon as the following day.  Older liposuction techniques required a week or more of downtime.
  • Aqualipo®’s gentle approach preserves the septal attachments between the deeper structures and the skin, which aids in a more naturally tightened and contoured result. That means Aqualipo® patients don’t experience the loose and sagging skin that’s often associated with traditional liposuction techniques.
  • With Aqualipo® there’s no need for general anesthesia.  That means lower medical risk and fewer complications.  Additionally, patients don’t suffer from that “run over” feeling that can come after general anesthesia.  Aqualipo® patients are awake during the procedure, experience virtually no discomfort, and can typically drive themselves home after treatment. 
  • Aqualipo® is much more cost effective than traditional liposuction.


Aqualipo®  vs. Liposuction
Very small incision, almost no scarring, no stiches required. Scarring occurs where cannula enters body, stitches usually required.
Minimizes trauma to surrounding areas, resulting in less swelling, bruising or bleeding in treated area. Swelling, bruising & bleeding often occurs in area treated.
Patient may return to work immediately. Patient may return to work after weeks of recovery.


How do I get started with Aqualipo®?

If you would like to schedule a private consultation to discuss Aqualipo® at the Body by Bassin SmartLipo™ & Aqualipo® Center of Florida, simply request an  appointment online or call one of our Florida locations: Melbourne, Florida office at 321-255-0025, Orlando, Florida office at 407-851-3888, Tampa, Florida at 813-872-7800, or The Villages, Florida office at 877-333-3223.


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